Zaqiel, Angel of Purity

Patron goddess of Pasgaarde


Zaqiel was a tall elven priestess with long blonde hair to the small of her back and deep forest green eyes. She was exiled for killing a terminally I’ll eight year old. In pain every day, her parents held out hope that one day the gods would one day save him. Her king, furious, exiled her to Arcandia after the event.

Zaqiel took to her old post as a healer in Pasgaarde and quickly was renown across the land for her compassion and talent. After years of fighting the evil that tainted the ground and receiving no help from Samyaza, the citizens of the continent decided to place their prayers elsewhere, and entrusted Zaqiel with their faith.

The ceremony was completed in Valos, near the northern edge of Pasgaarde. Onlookers claimed an incredible warmth as Zaqiel looked on with love and compassion for all of her people.

After her enshrinement, she took to wearing an eyeless mask and carried around a bowl of her own divine blood, which she used to cleanse the land of the evil.

Zaqiel was not to be taken advantage of, however. She vowed never to assist the rest of the continent, as they had refused to assist Pasgaarde. In a rage at her obstinate behavior, Samyaza forbid her from venturing out of the peninsula for any reason.

When Armaros, caught word of Zaqiel’s banishment, he took advantage of her isolation and placed a withering curse on her. The curse required constant attention, or else the vile beast now consuming her would emerge and ravage the land. To preserve her image in the minds of her citizens and to save them from the danger of the curse, she hid herself away and spends every day battling the creature.

After hundreds of years passed, a special group of Exiles landed on Pasgaarde. Zaqiel saw potential in them, and decided to guide the group to Latitude lake through Kait. She blessed them and prayed that they may save the land that she could not.

Zaqiel, Angel of Purity

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