A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde
Session two: Sleuth and Shepherd

After an uneventful trip to Averistad on the last supplies that Linnake “Lin” Magna and Leigh Caerwyn could muster, the party arrived to find an unwelcome and distrustful town folk.

They struggled to find anyone to help them locate Commander Msindi. Finally, after finding out about the recent thefts in the city, a citizen informed them she usually resides in the barracks central to the town.

When approached, the guards were unfriendly to the party until it was mentioned that Lin sent them for help. Msindi welcomed them and informed the party she had been sending supply caravans weekly to Longville but they had never returned. Considering the dangerous state of the countryside, she assumed they were headed north up the coast from Longville to the safer Havford. The party volunteered to escort the next caravan and find out what has been happening to them.

Before departing, they pursued on the handwritten note that lead to the apocathery. When asked for Reno, the shopkeep believed the lie about the number of survivors and relinquished three more vials of the silvery liquid, exclaiming he couldn’t understand the obsession with the stuff. When asked, Msindi explained the liquid was Silvertongue, an illegal drug being smuggled into the city. The party informed her they got what stock they had from the town apocathery.

They departed the next day to escort the caravan of supplies to Longville. One caravan was loaded with new arms and armor smithed In Averistad, while the other had as much food and medical supplies as Averistad could spare, considering the thieving crisis.

Along the way, the convoy was attacked by a group of unbranded soldiers in heavy military gear. After viciously dispatching the bulk of the group when they threatened the convoy, the party knocked out and captured one of the soldiers, a bard.

On the way to Longville, they questioned him about his motives. He claimed he was indeed part of the Charan, and that they never wore branding when capturing the caravans to allow them to get close without suspicion.

When asked about why he follows the Charan, he simply said “Everyone needs food, and right now they can provide.”

Escaping Pasgaarde
Session one: Broken Bones

A crew of Exiles was dropped on Exile’s Judgement, a small gravel beach just south of Longville.

The prisoners, convicted of various crimes in their homeland, were lead up the coast by the Charan. Upon arrival, for each captive, a coin was flipped: Heads is life, and tails is death.

There were five survivors out of twelve. A lie by one of the Charan members was called out by a more sympathetic member, and the resulting altercation ended in the liar being murdered by the captain, Razid. He informed the survivors about Longville, and further told them if they seek justice, to seek the Thetlani Dynasty inland. This comment seemed to bring about derision from the other men.

On the body of the soldier, they recovered a dagger emblazoned with the Charan emblem and a silver fluid. The dead soldier also had a similarly silver tongue. He held a note that said to ask for Reno in the Apocathery at Averistad.

The group ventured North to Longville and met Linnake “Lin” Magna, and Leigh Caerwyn. Lin informed the group they had to venture back down the coast and find the bodies before they rose again as undead. If they had, they must be killed.

When the players arrived back at Exile’s Judgement, the bodies had already risen and some had fully decomposed. After dispatching the undead, a much larger swarm of undead approached from the water and forced the party to retreat.

Back in town, they relayed the news to Lin. After conferring with Leigh, he asks the party to venture southwest to Averistad and find help from the commander Msindi, as the town is nearly broken completely and another attack would decimate it.

The party slept and prepared to head out the next day.


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