Razid Magna

Half Orc Captain of the Charan


Tall, broad, and powerful. Razid has deep green skin, no hair on his head, and two short pointed horns.

Linnake “Lin” Magna claims Razid is a brutal and savage leader, tolerating no dissent or lies, especially evidenced by his murder of another Charan at Exile’s Judgement. He is, however, incredibly honorable and fair in battle.

After a lengthy group of battles with the party, Razid and a close group of associates disappeared and the Charan appeared to be disbanded. He targeted the party with one last stand at Tectrum Temple, trying to claim the Igni Osato for himself and attempting to slaughter the group in the process. He failed, and in his hubris was killed viciously by Auro.

It was revealed in the aftermath of his death that Lin was Razid’s brother, both he & Leigh landed with Razid many years ago. While Razid attempted to escape the peninsula by any means neccessary, Lin and Leigh tried instead to make the area hospitable and more like a home.

Razid Magna

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