A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session nine: Siege

Following the latest successful raid on the Charan, Msindi throws a meager feast to honor the party and their work. She invites notable townspeople, including Jola, Argus, and the towns nobles.

At the feast, much merriment is enjoyed. Argus challenges Morgus and Silver to a drinking contest which they handily best him at, evading any sickness of their own. The reward was a prized belt, and for Argus, a terrible hangover the next day. Msindi also made an offer to weave the players new tunics with a matching design of their choice, to make emblematic their status as saviors for the land of Pasgaarde.

At night, Silver and Morgus retired with Argus to his house on the edge of town to make sure he got into no trouble. Auro and Kait both returned to the barracks, and in the middle of the night heard trespassers. Intuitively, they surmised the guards seeking Msindi in the middle of the night were Charan, and soon were proved correct. Following a lead, they realized the town was going to be under attack mometarily.

The charan staged a massive assault, but thanks to the quick preparations of the adventurers they managed to avoid severe damage to the city and minimized casualties of the citizens. Upon dispatching the lieutenant commanding this segment of the Charan, they recovered a note claiming that the Charan would be meeting north of hideout Chi, on a river running east to the coast. The party resolved to follow as soon as possible and surprise the meeting.


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