A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Epilogue: The Desert

With the Igni Osato recovered from the ancient dwarven ruins, the party ventured north to Valos to begin their journey across the encroaching desert. Accompanying them was a troop of horses, as well as the Dwarven smith Argus who wanted to free himself from the binds of Pasgaarde, as well as the scholar Jola who wished to study more of the outside world with his remaining life.

After a days travel and small skirmishes against the creatures living in the cursed desert, they began to find pieces of sharp flint-like stone. The pieces themselves grew in number, until they found a trough in the desert dunes filled with the flint and also the bones of other adventurers.

When they began to be assaulted by waves of the stone flying from the sky, they utilized the Igni Osato to create a protective barrier shrouding them from the piercing stones. Morgus turned into a bird and identified the source of the onslaught as a gigantic turtle-like creature which was sighting the adventurers and striking them down from afar. It is also the source of the dunes which continued to grow as the creature blew sand out from underneath its shell. Morgus also sighted more of these creatures off in the distance, at least two more on top of the one closest to the group.

Utilizing the Igni Osato, the group moved slowly through the desert, taking care not to let it expire while exposed to the creatures attacks. During a skirmish with a brood of Antlion, Jola was targeted by the alpha as easy prey and was killed. His corpse, however, was recovered before the creature could retreat with it.

They landed in a port town after a third days travel away from the turtle creatures and along the coast. After a lengthy discussion, they convinced the mayor about the veracity of their tale, and he asked them where they wanted to head next now that they had escaped Pasgaarde.


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