A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session eleven: Tectrum Temple

After a short period of time, the adventurers solved the puzzle to enter and proceeded past the massive stone doors into the depths of the earth in search of the Igni Osato.

They were joined soon after entering by a charan defector, who knew the group was his best chance to get away from Pasgaarde. He assisted them as they traversed the temple, which was full of puzzles, creatures, and traps. In the penultimate room, Razid attacked the party by surprise, knowing exactly where they were and sneaking in behind them after the doors were opened.

They dispatched him, and as he died the remaining Charan accompanying him fled. Soon after, however, Linnake “Lin” Magna showed up with Leigh Caerwyn and revealed through racked sobs that Razid was his brother, and they landed together with Leigh. When he was told that there was no choice, he claimed ‘There is always a choice’ as he fled with Leigh.

The party had another task at hand though, and proceeding onward into the final room they faced a challenge from the temple’s guardian to prove they were worthy of receiving the artifact and rescuing Pasgaarde from the curses laid by Armaros. They fought valiantly, defeating the guardian and claimed the Igni Osato.

Finally, returning to Averistad, Msindi had one final gift, a matching set of rings inscribed with the same emblem of rebirth stitched into the clothes of the adventurers: The symbol of the pheonix. They planned to prepare and brave the desert, armed with newfound power and resolve.


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