A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session ten: Gone

Following the past nights surge, the party traveled north as fast as possible to assault the Charan who were said to be meeting there.

They learned via scouting from Morgus that this group of Charan was accompanied by Razid, and he was in combat gear. He instructed the group to retreat to the western outpost and await instruction. Morgus also spotted the cleric who had attempted repeatedly to flee the Charan. He had been captured again, and was promptly executed by Razid.

The adventurers followed to where the meeting disbanded and proceeded west along the river, fighting a rabid troll on the way that was being tracked by the Charan. They located the outpost, which was buried underground and extremely defensible. Assaulting it, they killed it’s inhabitants and found among various jewels, weapons and valuables, another set of the magnetic spheres on top of a map with a dagger pinned to Tectrum Temple. Upon joining the new spheres together, the set changed color to indicate the collection was complete.

The players found no sign of Razid when they ventured north to Tectrum Temple and found an intricate puzzle with the magnetic spheres functioning as keys. They rested, with plans to address the puzzle as soon as possible and pursue Tectrum Temple for the Igni Osato.


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