A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session Five: On the offensive

Upon returning to Averistad, the group were hailed warmly and rewarded by Msindi for rescuing Jola. They talked with a local smith about a pair of metal symbols in the shape of the Charan emblem, and he said he would be happy to try and fashion a mounting system while working with Jola, who had been able to locate information on mounting the weapons.

With knowledge from the uncooperative Charan they were returning to Msindi, the party decided to raid one of the charan hideouts. After a short prep they sent out, and after a short period of getting lost in the wood, they came upon an area of charred wood occupied by a set of flaming wolves. They dispatched the pack and managed to secure pelts from the creatures, to be fashioned into gear later.

Very near to the charred clearings, they located the first building where the Charan hideout was noted to them. Upon entering, they found a cleric tending the eight wounded men. Avoiding an altercation, the cleric promised to not cause problems if he was allowed to ensure the safety of the soldiers there, who he prompted were Charan. The party allowed him to escape, and he promised they would never see him again after doing his best to restore the injured men to full strength.

Venturing further south, they came upon a lookout post and a small hut manned by Charan soldiers. After putting the lookout to sleep, they called out for the men inside and when a fight ensued, they burned the hut and the three inside of it.

Finally, they came upon a large structure at the end of the path, and entering it they defeated a group of Charan which they later found out contained one of the Charan leaders. In the structure, they found room for many more men who were missing, along with more notes about Plan E.

The writings were detailed, as the attack was not anticipated. Most importantly, there were writings about an artifact called the Igni Osato, which was essential to the plan, but the Charan seemed woefully underknowledged about where it is or how to utilize it. The hideout also was home to detailed maps, showing the location of two remaining hideouts hidden in the Great Grey Forest.


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