A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session Eight: Experiments

Emboldened after knocking down the northern hideout and finding out about the segmentation of power between the Charan lieutenants, the party decided to continue ransacking the hideouts to rid Pasgaarde of the Charan scourge.

In an effort to recover the stolen food from Averistad, they went to a hideout in the southeast portion of Great Grey Forest. The guards heard of the infiltration of the northern camp and had instituted new security measures, including checking for Charan branded daggers. The greeting went south, but the guards were killed before they could warn the rest of the camp.

Pursing the trail further, they encountered a lone druid training a set of Cinder wolves, who were effectively tamed at this point. He carried very little other than a journal detailing his training with the animals, but it did not explain why they were trying to tame these specific creatures.

Following this, they came upon a massive wooden structure. It was silent on the inside, and so anticipating an ambush, the party busted into the area loudly. This started and awoke a baby red dragon that the Charan were attempting to tame. After dispatching the trappers working with them, Auro conversed with the dragon and convinced him they were not evil, even though they wore the Charan outfits. They released the dragon, who torched the building and informed the party to continue south and find the lieutenant.

The party located next a small unmanned building with a stone humanoid inside, on a table next to various testing implements and a library of notes and old books. It had ancient dwarven text all over it, but they skipped over it to avoid another conflict before confronting the lieutenant.

They were tormented just before the headquarters by phantom voices who they soon found belonging to lieutenant Grascon. He fought the party fiercely, utilizing magic and feeling utterly confident in his abilities. Morgus commanded a summoned creature to drive Grascon from the air and finally Sekku finished him off with a diving onslaught.

They collected a new set of the magnetic spheres, bringing the total to 54, and found they reacted with the stone figure contained in the tiny building. It also contained a short line in dwarven which read “Solve our riddle and gain access. Fail, and meet an ancient wrath.” They took what they could carry, including the figure, back to Averistad to show Msindi and Jola.


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