A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session Seven: Savior

Following up on the skirmish taking place in Longville, the party ventured south to locate the leader of the undead. Rising from the ocean, a chieftan of sorts, clad in ice, assaulted the group. Upon defeating him, the party recovered a scimitar covered in ancient text that proved uninteligible to everyone present.

Just as the battle concluded, a piercing shout was heard from the north. Leigh Caerwyn was being abducted by the Charan as Linnake “Lin” Magna fought tooth and nail on the coast. They made quickly to follow, taking with them a set of uniforms from the Charan accompanying Razid to Longville.

Giving chase in the new uniforms and with the help of a new adventurer, they infiltrated the Charan hideout and located where Leigh was hidden. Barely standing, she was shocked and elated to see her rescuers. The leader of the camp, Lieutenant Aruna suspected that something was wrong, but called for Razid regardless. The groups cover was blown by a mute orc guard, who seemed to see through their ruse, and a fight ensued.

In the battle, the entire squad of soldiers populating the base was slain, save for Aruna and the same Cleric who the party released earlier from the southern base. They learned much from Aruna after capturing her, including that the cleric had been blackmailed into working for the Charan after he had tried to defect. He fled the battle carrying a prized mace on display in weapon storage.

When asked about Plan E, Aruna revealed that only Razid knows the full plan. Each other lieutenant knows only part of the plan, to ensure compromising one would not compromise the whole objective. The party also located another small subset of the magnetic spheres, bringing the current total to 31.

The plan seems to be to knock down the remaining hideouts, kill or capture the remaining lieutenants, and locate anything more relating to Plan E before Razid can finish executing it.


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