A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session Four: Safekeeping

The party folowed Msindi’s advice to go and locate Jola in Haverford. She lent them horses to save travel time they left the next day. The trip was longer than normal, but uneventful. They passed over two southern flowing rivers that source from Latitute Lake.

They arrived in town and asked around for Jola. The barkeep freely informed the group of his location, noting that he also gave Jola’s whereabouts to another group of travelers new to the town earlier in the day. They searched the town far and wide but found no trace of the other group, which none of the innkeeps had seen that day.

They visited Jola and had trouble contacting him from an upper floor of his towering study. They explained to him the danger he was in and decided to stay with him that night to protect him. Under rotating night watch, they spotted a group of what looked to be theives approaching the door.

Engaging the group, they fought viciously and seemed to be larger than initially appeared. The assaulting group tried to abduct Jola and escape but failed to cheers from a gathered townsfolk. They gave Jola some time to gather essential materials and locked his place before departing, bringing Jola back to Averistad for safekeeping.


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