A Warm Welcome to Arcandia

Escaping Pasgaarde

Session Three: The Abandoned Hideout

After arriving in Longville and conversing with Linnake “Lin” Magna for some time, the party unloaded the supplies and recovered the chest of old weapons. Lin thanked them, and wished them well on their travels, wherever they decided to go.

The group of weary travelers headed back to Averistad with their captive and went to Msindi for advice and to deliver the chest of weapons. She rewarded the Exiles for their effort and informed them that the man working in the Apocathery had fled town the night previous after she instructed the town guard to investigate him.

She further instructed two members of the Guard to search the forest South of the city to try and locate the shopkeep’s whereabouts. They had not returned within a specified timeframe, so she requested the party to search Great Grey Forest.

After enlisting help from a local Dwarven smithy who sources his lumber from a deeper part of the forest, the party went in search of the fleeing man. They came upon a pile of rubble against a nearly sheer cliff face, and choosing to dig it out, revealed a small doorway with chairs inlet to the wall.

Inside was a hideout that the players soon realized was home to the Charan. They were attacked by undead and beset by traps left by the previous occupants. It seemed there was a confusing and I’ll-prepared attack that took the life of many Charan left inside. Some survivors after a brief fight confirmed the identity of the hideout as Charan and explained they had been trapped by the blocking of the entrance and the rise of the dead.

The party located a few crude maps and plans left in the planning quarters, including records of stolen items from Averistad. They recovered the valuables hidden in the space, but left the mess hall and storage unexplored for fear of undead. The stolen food was not located. They also rescued an unconscious emaciated prisoner from the prison of the dungeon.

Presenting Msindi with the man, she explained he was a local scholar Darren. Not very noteworthy one way or another, she was confused as to why he was made a target. When the party mentioned a name they found in a note, Jola, she prompted that Jola was a very famous scholar in Pasgaarde. He resides West in the small coastal city of Haverford.

The note about Jola was handwritten from an officer and stamped with the Charan symbol, addressed to Razid. It claimed the next step in plan E was to abduct Jola from Haverford.

When they asked what they should do next, Msindi replied solemnly “You should get the hell out of here”


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